VCU Health Students

As a new student, you can only obtain a VCUCard during the semester in which you are currently enrolled for classes.

Dual Role

You will receive a VCUCard for each role you are affiliated with at VCU and VCU Health, however, your student ID is your primary functioning VCUCard. In addition to your student ID, you will receive a non-functioning VCU Health ID. You are responsible for displaying the appropriate VCUCard for the role you are in the process of performing.

School of Medicine Student Learners

Student Learners in the School of Medicine are responsible for purchasing their own VCUCard. The cost will not be covered by the School of Medicine. 


Typically, you will obtain your VCUCard during New Student Orientation sessions, and are provided with further information from your program coordinator. If you are not participating in an orientation, please wait at least 2 weeks before the start of your classes to obtain your VCUCard.

Photo Submission

Photo Submission is available to new students during the orientation period and for pre-approved orientation groups. Please carefully review the guidelines for submitting a photo.

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