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Welcome to VCUCard Online!

The VCUCard is the official identification card for the Virginia Commonwealth University and Health System. Our services provide members of these communities with easy access to VCU buildings, libraries, meal plans and so much more! Our website will help you find the information you need to make your life simpler while on or off VCU campuses.

It's Your Campus Life

You are required to carry your VCUCard with you at all times while on campus, especially since you will use it for everything you do! Your VCUCard provides access to services such as Pay4Print, RamsLaundry, and Wells Fargo. You can also access classrooms, dorms, offices, the library, RamRide, as well as dining, gym, and parking facilities.

It's Your Online Access

You have 24/7 access to manage your VCUCard account from Log in to report your VCUCard lost or stolen, check your account balances, make a RamBucks deposits, view your transaction history, invite guests to make deposits, and more.

It's Your Financial Gateway

Use your VCUCard for all your campus purchases, such as: printing, copying, library fees, vending, student health services, dining (both on & off campus), groceries, transportation services, prescriptions, and more. You can also link your VCUCard to a Wells Fargo checking account for optional banking convenience.

Start learning more about your VCUCard today!