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Submitting Your VCUCard Photo

Photo Submission is an OPTIONAL service available to you during orientation. Your photo is the most vital part of the submission process. We want the best YOU displayed on your VCUCard, but we also want to be sure we can clearly identify you. The VCUCard Office follows the U.S. Passport image guidelines as outlined by the United States Department of State.

Submission Guidelines & Instructions

Any image submitted to the VCUCard Office will be used for identification purposes only. VCUCard reserves the right to refuse any image that does not adhere to the standards outlined in this document. If you do not adhere to these guidelines, your image will be rejected and you will need to choose a more appropriate image to re-submit. If you currently have a VCUCard and are seeking to replace your image, you may be subject to fees.

Meet the Deadline

The coordinator for your orientation will inform you when Photo Submission is available. You must submit your photo at least two business days prior to your scheduled orientation date, allowing enough time for VCUCard staff to review your photo. Once your image is uploaded, you will receive an email confirmation with further instructions.

Get Started

Photo Requirements
Photo Requirements

  • Be the only person visible with no props present
  • Do not wear glasses, sunglasses, hats, graduation caps, gowns or costumes
  • Face forward and aim your chin straight (no side profiles)
  • Make sure your face is clearly visible (no shadows)
    • VCU/MCV Campus Students, Faculty or Staff
      Use a solid medium grey, tan or similar background (without a crease or pattern)
      DO NOT use white, black or fluorescent coloring
    • VCU Health System Employees
      Use a solid white or off-white color (without a crease or pattern)
    • Dual Role
      Students and staff who require an ID for both campuses must follow the Monroe Park Campus requirements
  • Look directly into the camera
  • Take your photo within 6 months of your submission

Image Specifications

  • Be a JPEG file format ( .jpg )
  • Be in color
  • Portrait orientation
  • Larger than 600 x 800 pixels
  • File size between 15KB and 1MB
  • No red eye
  • Normal contrast and lighting

Rejected Photo Submissions

Your image can also be rejected! You can choose to re-submit a more appropriate image, within the allowable time frame. Photos are not typically approved on the same day they are submitted.

Examples of Rejected Images
Reject Reason - Incorrect Background
Backgrounds & Surroundings

The background in this image appears to be a classroom with many objects. We require all images to have a solid white or off-white background. Please refrain from using doors or walls with textures/patterns and from taking pictures outside.

Reject Reason - No Hats
Headwear & Eyewear

Hats, scarves and other head coverings are not allowed. Sunglasses are not permitted on the face or on top of your head; prescripton glasses are also not acceptable. We need to identify both your eye and hair color, free from objects or glares.

Reject Reason - Silly Face
Expressions & Gestures

This is an inappropriate facial expression and the hands are touching the face. Relax, keep your hands by your side and give the camera a simple smile!

Reject Reason - Someone else
Cropping a Self-Portrait

This is an inappropriate facial expression and the hands are touching the face. Relax, keep your hands by your side and give the camera a simple smile!

Reject Reason - Not looking into camera
Head Position & Profile Portraits

Your body and head should be facing directly torward the camera, with your eyes looking into the camera. Professional photos, such as senior class photos are often rejected for this reason.

Logging In
Gather your eID and Password

You must know your eID and password to log into Visit to determine your eID. Contact the IT Support Center at for assistance with your eID and password.

Log into

You can also log in through the GET app if you've downloaded it from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Submitting Your Photo
Navigate to the Photo Submission Tab

Click the Photo Submission link on the right side in the Quick Links section. Notice on the submission page you should not have a photo displayed if you will be receiving your first VCUCard.

If you receive an error message or timeout during your session, you will be redirected to the home page; click the Photo Submission link again to resume.

Upload your Image

Click the Choose File button on the right to locate your image on your computer. After choosing the appropriate image, press the Upload button.

Your image should now appear as a Pending Photo Submission. If you receive an error message, please review the Photo Submission Guidelines to ensure you are using a photo that meets our specifications.

Waiting for Review

Photos are not typically reviewed on the same day they are submitted. You are strongly encouraged to submit your photo at least 1 week prior to your orientation date, in case you need to submit more than one photo!

Email Confirmation

You are sent an email to your VCU email account when your photo has been approved or rejected. Please check your email prior to visiting one of our offices.

Verify Your Status

You can verify the status of your submission from the same place you uploaded your photo at anytime! If your image is Pending, it has not yet been reviewed by a VCUCard staff member; please allow at least 1 business day for processing time.

If your image is listed as your Current VCUCard Photo, it has been accepted and you will pick-up your new ID during your scheduled orientation date! If you do not have an orientation, please wait at least 24-hours before visiting your primary office location for pick-up.