Frequently Asked Questions 


Can I have a copy of my VCUCard picture?
Can you send me my VCUCard in the mail?
How do I maintain my VCUCard?
How much does my VCUCard cost?
What is my VCUCard number?

New 2017 VCUCard

Do I have to get a new VCUCard?
Does my old VCUCard still work?
How much does the new VCUCard cost?
Why are you changing the look of the VCUCard?


Can I transfer money into my RamBucks account?
Can I use RamBucks if I'm not a student?
Can I withdraw money from my RamBucks account?
Does my RamBucks expire?


Can I print from my own computer?
How do I add money to my P4P account?
How do I Pay4Print after my allotment has run out?
What does SOB P4P mean?


How do I get help with my laundry machine?


Can I use my VCUCard on UberEATS orders?
Can I use the fare split feature with RamBucks?
How can I add funds to my RamBucks?
How does Uber charge my RamBucks account?
How do I register my VCUCard with Uber?
I don’t see campus cards option in the payments section?
Is there a premium fee to use my VCUCard?
What happens when my VCUCard runs out of RamBucks?
What if I can't remember my eID and password information?
When can I request a ride?
Why is a destination required before requesting a ride?


How do I find my eID?

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