About RamBucks

Your VCUCard is much more than an ID.... it's your financial access too! RamBucks, an optional pre-paid debit account, is part of your VCUCard and are a safe, convenient alternative to carrying cash on campus. It's free and available to all University students, faculty, staff and even visitors.

With RamBucks, you can use your VCUCard to pay for all your needs both on and off the Virginia Commonwealth University Campuses. Each time you use your VCUCard, your remaining balance is displayed either on the register or your receipt. Best of all, there are no transaction fees or minimum balances with RamBucks!┬╣

Visit myVCUcard.com at anytime to manage your RamBucks account. Use it to make a deposit, check your balances or transaction history, and so much more!

Your RamBucks account is not a checking account and you cannot withdraw RamBucks in cash. Please read all VCUCard Terms & Conditions associated with the RamBucks account, and information on Refund Requests.  

┬╣RamBucks accounts are subject to the Dormant Account Rambucks Policy after a period of inactivity.

Use RamBucks On-Campus 

Please view our current list of on-campus locations on the Monroe Park or MCV Campus. Use RamBucks on-campus for:

Library Fees
Student Actvities & Events
Student Health Services 

Use RamBucks Off-Campus

Please view our current list of off-campus locations on the Monroe Park or MCV Campus. Use RamBucks off-campus for:

School Supplies

Off-Campus RamBucks Merchants typically display our "RamBucks Accepted Here" stickers in their window. 

Follow us on Facebook to keep up with special promotions and offers from our merchants.

Merchants interested in joining the RamBucks program should click here to learn more about becoming an Off-Campus RamBucks Merchant.

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