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VCUCard provides you with the ability to visibly identify yourself while on the Monroe Park and MCV campuses. You can obtain your ID from one of our offices or by participating in Photo Submission.

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Deposit money into your RamBucks account and use your VCUCard to make purchases both on and off-campus. It's the most convenient way to pay while on campus!

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Use your VCUCard at select printing stations around campus. Install a print driver on your laptop to send your print job to the release station.

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Use the RamsLaundry app to make washing closthes easier while in your residence hall. Sign-up for notification preferences to receive messages about your laundry cycle.

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Wells Fargo

Link your VCUCard to your Wells Fargo Everyday Checking account to use your ID as a debit card. Also take advantage of the option to open a checking account to enjoy even more benefits.

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