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Laundry Made Simple

Tired of waiting for an open washer or dryer? Don’t want to wait for your cycle to end? Washing your clothes just got a whole lot easier with RamsLaundry! It won't fold your clean clothes or iron your shirts, but it can save you a lot of time; all you need is your computer or your cell phone.

With RamsLaundry you can:

Best of all, it's simple to use. So simple, you’ll be itching to wash more clothes! Don’t waste any more time sitting in the laundry room, login to to get started or click here for a list of laundry locations.

Get Started with RamsLaundry

Logging In

Sign in online by visiting and logging in through VCU's central authentication system using your eId and password.

Access RamsLaundry

After logging in you will be directed to the Gold menu where account balances are shown. Continue to RamsLaundry by clicking the "RamsLaundry" (highlighted in green) tab in the lefthand menu. Note: If the lefthand menu is not visible, clicking the grey box (indicated by the orange circle) on the left will display/hide the menu.

Laundry Instructions
Find a Machine

To see available machines click the menu button "Room Status". This will display a list of laundry locations around campus. By clicking "search" or menu tab "Find Machines", you are directed to a search dialog to narrow down results.

Room StatusFind a room
Reserving Your Machine

After selecting a location, scroll to the bottom of the screen to view the list of machines. Simply click "hold" to reserve the machine. Note: If laundry is left in a machine, you can notify the last user here.

Available Machines
Manage Your Account

View Holds

Upon requesting a machine, hold information will be available from the "My Holds/Waits" menu tab.

View Holds

Set Notifications

To adjust notifications for RamsLaundry, click the "Preferences" menu tab. Here you can alter settings and update them by clicking "save".

Laundry Prefrences

Starting Fall 2015, students will be given a laundry allotment that is visible from Each use of a washer or dryer will deduct from your RamsLaundry account. When your balance reaches the minimum threshold, it will automatically replenish the next day.

Please contact your RA for any issues or concerns regarding your account.

Ask For Help

Machine Issues

If you experience a problem with a laundry machine, you can notify us immediately through the RamsLaundry app. After selecting a Laundry Facility, the "Report a Problem With a Machine" link will appear at the bottom of the screen. Simply select the machine your experiencing issues with; be sure to select a description that most closely relates to the problem.

You can also submit a Help Desk Ticket if you'd like to enter a personalized desciption of the problem.


Refunds are NOT provided for RamsLaundry. When your account balance reaches the minimum threshold your funds will automatically replenish.