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Off-Campus Merchant Information

Do customers often ask if you accept RamBucks? Do you service a lot of VCU customers? If so, you may want to consider joining our RamBucks program!

General Information

RamBucks is a pre-paid, stored-value account, that is accessible by a cardholder. It can only be used to purchase goods and services both on and off the Virginia Commonwealth University campuses at participating locations. With no transaction fees or minimum balances, it is the easiest way for VCU Rams to quickly pay for goods and services.

Program Benefits

Application of Interest

Not all merchants are a good fit for our RamBucks program. Merchants that are within close proximity to the VCU campus, and see heavy VCU foot-traffic are often more successful. If you believe your business will benefit from the RamBucks program or if you have something unique to offer, please click here to complete a form for review.

If your form is approved, your information will be forwarded to our Off-Campus Merchant team, Ugryd, at which time you will have the opportunity to review the Merchant Services Agreement. The agreement will outline all program costs and service expectations.


Who can use RamBucks?

RamBucks can be used by anyone who wants to use it!

Why does one need RamBucks?

Using RamBucks makes it easier, quicker, and safer to make purchases both on and off-campus. Most people use it for printing in the libraries, but others use RamBucks for other purchases such as: food, books, groceries, prescriptions, vending and even Uber. All you need is your card!

Where can RamBucks be used?

RamBucks can be used at any of the accepting locations listed on our website.

How does one get RamBucks?

RamBucks deposits can be completed online, at a VCUCard Office, or at a RamBucks Station located around both campuses.

What types of cards have RamBucks?
  • VCUCards
  • RamBucks Cards
  • Conference Services Cards