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What is Pay4Print?

Pay4Print (P4P) allows students, faculty, staff or friends of VCU to submit print requests to various computer stations or labs located on both campuses. A valid VCUCard or RamBucks Card will authorize access to release the print job at the Pay4Print Station.

How To Use Pay4Print

After you've completed working on your document and are ready to print at a Pay4Print Station on campus, use the below instructions. Please Note: You can only print color jobs on a Color P4P Station.

Printing From A Personal Computer? You must be connected to a VCU Wireless Network to connect to use Pay4Print.

  1. Compose your document then select PRINT from the file menu. Be sure to preview your document first!
  2. After selecting print, a pop-up window will appear.
  3. Enter your eID; Guests enter the 16 digit number on the front of your RamBucks Card.
  4. Enter a Job Name to identify your print job at the P4P Station.
  5. Click OK to send the print job to the P4P Station.
  6. Swipe your VCUCard or RamBucks card at the P4P Station (P4P Stations are typically located beside the printers).
  7. Select your Job Name from the list provided on the “releasing print jobs” screen.
  8. VERIFY the number of pages and charges (to be deducted from your VCUCard or RamBucks card) are correct.
  9. Click PRINT.
  10. Your print job will begin printing if you have sufficient funds on your VCUCard or RamBucks Card.
  11. Log out of the P4P Station to prevent others from accessing your printing funds.

Ask For Help

If you experience problems with a Pay4Print printer, you can go to the IT Support Center for help. If you're not near either of their locations, or if the IT Support Center is closed, contact us for assistance.

Get help faster by submitting a ticket!