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Frequently asked questions about Photo Submission

When can I submit my photo?

Submission dates will be provided to you by your orientation coordinator. An anouncement will also be posted on social media and in the news section of our website.

How do I submit my photo online?
How to resize and reduce the size of my photo?

The following instructions are for default programs installed on Mac and PC:


Preview > File > Open (select your image file) Tools > Adjust size Check: Scale proportionally and re-sample image (Size estimate will be shown on screen)


Paint > open image Menu > properties Be sure to adjust width and height proportionally by using the porportion tool:

Original Image: x

Why was my photo rejected?

An explanation for your rejected photo is sent to your official VCU email account. You can also review your Photo Reject Reasons by logging back into the VCUCard Online Card Office. You must review the Photo Submission Guidelines to determine how to resubmit an acceptable image.

My photo was rejected, do I have time to resubmit?

Photos submitted less than two days prior to your orientation are not guaranteed to be reviewed. If your photo has been rejected and and you are still within the deadline (48hrs prior to orientation) please make proper adjustments and re-submit. Students who receive a rejection email after the deadline should wait for their orientation leader to bring them to the Technology Administration Building

Does it cost any money?

Students, faculty, and staff, your first VCUCard is free. If you are submitting a photo to replace an existing photo in our system (unless explicity requested), you may be subject to replacement fees. We will not accept a photo without your prior consent.

Which office do I pick up my photo?

Incoming students will be able to pick up their VCUCard during the Rams Resouces segment of orientation. If you wish to come in at another time, your VCUCard will be available for pickup at our Monroe Park Campus office.

How will I get my VCUCard if I don't use photo submission?

Your orientation group will visit our Monroe Park Campus office for students that do not complete photo submission. If you are unable to attend an orientation, please visit one of our offices to get your VCUCard.