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Frequently asked questions about Pay4Print

Can I print from my own computer?

Yes, you can install print drivers for Mac OS X 10.4 and up, or Windows OS, to any P4P location on VCU campuses. Visit the Pay4Print page for more information about P4P and to download drivers.

View our map of Monroe Park or MCV campus for a list of P4P locations.

How do I add money to my P4P account?

Your balance is not replenishable and does not carry over from semester-to-semester.

Alternatively, you can deposit money into your RamBucks account to print.

What does SOB P4P mean?

SOB P4P stands for School of Business Pay4 Print; if you are enrolled in School of Business courses, you will receive an allotment of money during your semester to pay for any printing services you may require. You can only use these funds to print in labs or libraries on either campus.

The allotment is based on the number of business credit hours you are currently enrolled in. Once you have used these funds or at the end of the semester (whichever comes first), this account will be removed and cannot be replenished. Allotment pricing is also determined by the respective department.

  • Full time School of Business Students
    • Undergraduate: $18.80
    • Graduate: $23.50
  • Part time School of Business Students
    • Undergraduate: $4.80
    • Graduate: $6.00
How do I Pay4Print after my allotment has run out?

You can visit to load additional funds into your RamBucks account.