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Attendance Technical Information

To ensure connectivity is possible, please check the following compatibility requirements for using the VCU Attendance Monitor. A connection to a VCU SafeNet wireless access point or the RamsVPN must be secured in order to set up events.

Web Requirements

In order to set-up events, you must be connected to the VCU SafeNet or RamsVPN.

Web-Based Check-In requires attendees to check-in by logging in through our website or scanning a QR code from their mobile device to validate identity with their CAS Authentication. Check-in access can be obtained through any web-browser through any wireless access point.

Mobile-Based Application

The mobile application requires attendees to check-in by using their VCUCard to validate their identity by using a card reader attached to a mobile device. Swipe-based attendance utilizes the magstripe (mag) number on the VCUCard and must be swiped through an 8-pin (Lightning) magstripe reader. Prox-based attendance (coming soon) utilizes the proxy chip inside the VCUCard and must be tapped against the proxy reader. A connection to the VCU SafeNet wireless access point or the RamsVPN must be secured to use this application type.

Devices and Readers

Specific mobile devices have been authorized for compatibility with the VCU Attendance Monitor. Currently, only Apple devices are supported and available to use with the application. Campus Card Services reserves the right to reject Attendance Monitor requests for devices not listed.

Click here to review the Device & Reader Compatibility List.